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MYOB Training | MYOB Set-Up | MYOB Support
Date:January 06, 2013

Day 7 MYOB End of period procedures

The training videos map to my book Learn MYOB in 7 Days. They are like having one-on-one training in the comfort of your own environment with me! To access the MYOB online training videos visit my SHOP to purchase a single user license. To watch these videos enter the password you receive when you purchased access.

The MYOB online training videos can be:

  • stopped and re-started at any point
  • watched 24 – 7
  • maximised to your full monitor screen

If you need further assistance I am available for consultation.

Here is a time stamp of today’s video:

At 00:40 min-MYOB command panel center.
At 1:40 min- MYOB to do list.
At 6:20 min-MYOB find transactions.
At 08:015 min-MYOB reports.
At 13:09 min- MYOB business insight.
At 17:30 min- MYOB Company Data Editor
At 18:20 min- MYOB data backup.
At 20:56 min-MYOB transaction review.
At 22:10 min- MYOB tax exception review.
At 24:40 min- MYOB BASlink.
At 34:17 min-MYOB Highlight two sorts of financial year.
At 35:20 min- MYOB reconciliation account.
At 39:15 min- MYOB incomes combine.